The ‘Windows Of Opportunity’ Can Turn Your Car Windows Into A Touchscreen

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General Motors has partnered with the Future Lab at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel, for a project called the Windows of Opportunity (WOO), which aims to give rear-seat passengers a rich travel experience by turning car windows into interactive displays.

When traveling on long routes, everyone, especially the kids, keep their eyes glued to the small screens of their smartphones and miss out on the lovely experience that the surroundings are offering us. The interactive window design will allow the passengers to zoom into the landscapes from which they are passing, play video games in the beautiful background, and even test vocabulary skills. The video shows how the concept works:

The augmented reality video games can be designed for the interactive system. On the transparent window of the vehicle, a series of functions can be overlaid that can be customized to the passenger’s need. Whether the user is a child or an adult, he/she can choose to label a passing phenomena or object, doodle around objects like trees, animals, and houses. You can zoom into your surroundings to see better or even capture screenshots. With these windows, you can never miss a beautiful scene outside while you try to open your smartphone camera to capture the beauty.

Source: Gizmag

Similar technology is being adopted by companies manufacturing all kinds of luxury vehicles, including boats and yachts. The technology will be expensive in the beginning, but like everything else, the prices will go down. For all we know, once the cars become driverless, we may even be using the front window panels playing games.

Source: Google Plus

Here is another video of the concept:

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