Professional Thieves Steal $1 Million Worth Of Unreleased E-Bikes In Just Seven Minutes

When my high-end electric bike was stolen last year, it caused me to feel a wave of emotions – from violation to anger. But this is nothing compared to what Biktrix recently experienced as a daring heist resulted in the theft of $1 million worth of unreleased e-bikes.

The stolen bikes were the newly launched Juggernaut FS ST e-bikes from Biktrix, along with a few prototype units that were stored at their warehouse located in Delta, BC. The Juggernaut FS ST is Biktrix’s newest model, distinguished by its peculiar rear shock assembly hidden out of sight, and an efficient mid-drive motor with an impressive power rating of 1,200 watts, coupled with a whopping 1,300 Wh battery that is equivalent to twice the size of the standard battery used in an electric bike.

Biktrix’s success story, from being just a small business in a garage to becoming one of the largest electric bike manufacturers with about 20 thousand customers, is now marked by a major loss and setback due to this theft. The stolen bikes are from the first production set, meant for the delivery of pre-ordered bikes and for first-time shipments.

The thieves arrived at the warehouse with a Ryder semi-truck and drove off with the container in just seven minutes. Despite providing police with the license plate number of the thieves, the lack of video surveillance in Canada meant that the police could only surveil them for two days, during which they did not approach the bikes.

Biktrix’s CEO, Roshan Thomas, described the container as a “treasure chest” containing the team’s dreams, hard work, and considerable market value. While the container was insured, it had already reached Biktrix’s receiving warehouse, likely voiding the policy.

Despite this setback, Biktrix remains determined, using the incident as motivation to push harder and innovate more. They hope that the Canadian police will be able to locate the container before the bikes are lost and urge anyone with information to contact the authorities.

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