Watching This Professional Auto Detailer Fix A Small Dent Is Oddly Satisfying


Larry Kosilla’s name stands among the finest auto detailers in the market. He is known for his superb attention to detail. Kosilla has worked on some extremely valuable cars in the world and was entrusted with making them look perfect for presentations. Then there came a Ford Edge with a dent on its bumper. There were issues with the scuff itself. The dent was on a seam which appears to be an extremely bad area for a car to have a dent on. The body of the car is also pushed and raised which makes it even more difficult.

In order to remove the dent correctly and make the car look absolutely factory fresh, Kosilla had some options. There are decals available in the market in the same colour as his car, this can work for a quick fix. Then is the traditional method of bondo and touch-up paint. This was the method which made a simple three-minute job a seven-hour long duty.

ford dent

This is what makes Kosilla so great among all other detailers anywhere. If he invested seven-hours for a small dent, imagine how much time he’d be spending on other expensive cars to get them detailed and fixed. Check out this video to see how he worked to remove the small dent from the bumper.


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