Predator-Style Infrared Footage Shows A Drone Targeting Soldiers In Ukraine

The time the Ukrainian military utilised a night vision-equipped drone to kill Russian soldiers in a trench was captured on camera.

In the footage, the drone is seen releasing explosives on numerous Russian soldiers who look to be eviscerated, with body parts thrown over the battlefield in the video, which was shot while serving with Ukraine’s 47th Motorised Infantry Battalion.

A thermal imaging camera mounted on a small drone captures a group of Russian fighters frantically trying to flee as a bomb falls to the ground. The bomb falls to the ground, trailed by more bombing.

The video was posted online by Ukrainian Twitter user @Sega Rep, who captioned it: “The Ukrainian UAV with night vision and the ability to drop bombs works great on Russian invaders in the trenches. You can’t hide from us.”

An unsettling, electronic soundtrack complements the images in the footage. Moreover, the video itself is flooded in reds and purples as it depicts the attack through the drone’s night vision.

The kind of drone used in the clip is unknown. However, Ukrainian soldiers have hailed the Turkish-made Bayraktar drone as one of their most effective weapons in the fight against Russian invaders.

The footage could have been shot in eastern Ukraine, where Russian and Ukrainian troops are engaged in fierce warfare.

Ukraine claims that up to a hundred soldiers on its side of the war are dying every day while battling Russia’s onslaught.

Last Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared to concede that he attacked Ukraine as part of imperial conquest rather than out of concern for Nato security.

In addition, Putin compared himself to Peter the Great, the Russian ruler who conquered vast areas of Sweden. However, he stated that the area was being “reclaimed” rather than invaded.

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