Power Pillow Will Charge Your Devices While You Take A Nap

Power Pillow 4

Power Pillow 2“World’s first pillow that recharges smart devices” – That’s the motto of this latest product. A pillow that houses a battery pack that can charge your mobile devices when sockets are not available.

This product is in the form of a pillow that comes in different designs, which cleverly hides a battery pack that’s a mean of charging your devices such as your smartphones, tablets and other USB-powered devices. The catch however is that it’s not the pillow that’s charging anything, its actually the battery pack that is housed inside the pillow. This does not mean that the Power Pillow has not got any significance, its gives the users option to charge their devices while they are using them or while they’re expecting an important call, text or an email.

Power Pillow 3The use of these devices on a large scale can be very beneficial. Using them in places where people gather together such as dorm rooms, reception areas and resting places is an intriguing idea. The best case use of this product is during power outages or during emergencies. Funded by Kickstarter, the power pillow holds the aim to raise CAD$30,000 (US$28,000).

Power PillowA single power pillow costs CAD$132(US$125); consisting of two 12000mAh battery packs, one soft battery housing, and two micro-USB cables for charging. The campaign video below shows how the power pillow can be used in various ways, the most obvious one being people charging their phones while relaxing.


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