Poseidon Shower Allows People With Mobility Issues To Take Shower By Themselves


There are a great number of people having mobility issues. They require assistance to help them into and out of the shower. A great number of people refuse the assistance because of their self-esteem and this results in serious injuries. A Swedish company called Robotic Care developed the Poseidon shower for just this purpose.

The Poseidon shower has a comfortable seat that extends out of a cylindrical shower stall using a telescoping arm. This allows the users to swing themselves onto the seat directly from the wheelchair. Once seated, the seat retracts back into the stall and the frosted glass doors close in front.

(Source: Robotdalen)

The Poseidon shower has a panel with waterproof controls that the user can use to set the temperature and control the pressure from ten different water nozzles and 4 different soap nozzles. These are designed in such a way to cover all parts of the body and there is also a sperate hand-held nozzle that can be used manually.

(Source: New Atlas)

Once the shower is finished, the seat extends back out again and the users can slide back into their wheelchairs. This eliminates the stepping onto wet and slippery floors during the whole process that might result in a fall or injury. These showers can cut down an average shower time by 10 minutes if utilized properly in a care home.

You can see the how the shower works in the video below:


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