Portugal Just Ran On 100% Renewable Energy For Six Straight Days

As the urgency of addressing climate change intensifies, nations worldwide are increasingly adopting renewable energy solutions to avert a future climate crisis. Portugal recently made headlines by setting a global record, relying solely on renewable energy for six consecutive days.

In a remarkable feat, Portugal broke records in global energy production by sustaining itself on renewable energy for six continuous days. From household electrical appliances to industrial factories, the nation operated exclusively on wind, hydro, and solar power between 4:00 AM on October 31 and 9:00 AM on November 6. Portugal generated 1102 GWh of renewable energy during this period, surpassing national consumption by 262 GWh. The previous record, set in 2019, was an admirable 131 hours.

Despite the global reliance on fossil fuels, Portugal showcased its ability to produce an abundance of renewable energy for an extended duration. Hugo Costa, head of EDP Renewables, the country’s renewable arm of the state utility, highlighted the success: “The gas plants were there, waiting to dispatch energy, should it be needed. It was not because the wind was blowing; it was raining a lot. And we were producing positively to the consumers because the prices have dropped dramatically, almost to zero.”

This achievement aligns with global efforts to achieve the climate goals outlined in the Paris Agreement by 2050. The aim is to have grids free of carbon emissions throughout the entire year. While a few countries with hydropower endowments have already accomplished this, most nations still heavily rely on carbon emissions, posing a threat to future climate emergencies.

Portugal’s successful trial reflects its proactive approach to renewable energy, setting an example for other nations. Energy sector expert Miguel Prado noted, “The key conclusion is that it shows that the Portuguese grid is prepared for very high shares of renewable electricity and its expected variation.” The ability to manage fluctuations in renewable energy production positions Portugal as a leader in sustainable practices, inspiring others to follow suit in the global pursuit of a greener future.

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