Porsche’s New Infotainment System Will Automatically Play Music Suited To How You Are Driving

If you are a car enthusiast or someone who likes the idea of long drives and cruising in your car, you must realize the importance of having the right kind of music playing in the background. It often becomes a nuisance to settle on a playlist that goes with the mood and surroundings. The hassle of changing songs, one after the other gets too much. Well, Porsche has devised a solution just for that.

Their brand new PCM 6.0 has a state-of-the-art infotainment system that detects the changes in surroundings and adapts accordingly to play the music in accordance with the outside environment. For example, if you are going at a high speed, it will play fast and accelerating music and if you are stopping at a red light or just at a slower speed, it will play slower and calming music. This, by far, is one of its kind and will be a pioneer in the dynamic music playing in cars.

The feature comes with its own suggestions, so you do not have to worry about feeding preselected songs in the system. The mobile app can also be used when you are not driving which means it can be utilized when you are jogging or going out for a morning/evening stroll. Collection of inputs from different sources is under work so the system can recognize the mood a particular user is in or detect a setting one is in to play the appropriate music.

Once the feature is released, it will come in the form of an application that will link your smartphone to the car system. Along with this unique addition, the model comprises a few other smart options and updates like a virtual assistant we have on our smartphones that responds to the user’s voice. PCM 6.0’s updated model is said to be launched in Cayennes and Panameras this summer.

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