Porsche’s New Electric Car Can Go 400 km And Accelerate 0-100 In 3.5 Seconds

porsche mission e2

The future of Supercars operating on nothing but electricity is in safe hands as we see these concept cars everywhere that can provide hair-raising speed as well as ensure zero emissions to the environment. One great platform to showcase their products is the Frankfurt Motor show where concept cars and even production models go on display each year. Even though the show hasn’t even started yet, automotive manufacturers have started the buzz surrounding it be leaking their flashy cars they are going to present over there. Porsche’s Mission E is one of these amazing cars with some serious acceleration on offer.
porsche mission e

When it comes to electric cars, only Tesla is a worthwhile name for us since only it has been able to transform the technology into actual production cars. But, surely other companies realize what is happening, and they are coming up with their own great cars too. Hiding underneath the intricate bodywork of the Mission E are two permanent magnet synchronous motors that are based on an award-winning design at Le Mans. The two powerful motors combine to give the car a total of 600 Horsepower of thrust and the car is able to go from 0 to 100 Km/h in just 3.5 seconds! It can even continue it achieving 200 Km/h in less than 12 seconds. Now that is some serious acceleration at your disposal. You know how Tesla managed to catch the shocked impressions of people riding its car, imagine how they will react at hitting 200 Km/h in just 12 seconds!

porsche mission e2

Since the motors show hasn’t happened yet, so we have no idea regarding the torque output of the car but considering the powerful motors, it will clock impressive levels for sure. But, the thing that amazed us most with the car is its super-fast charging system. Porsche claims that its 800-volt charging system can charge its batteries up to 85 percent in just over 15 minutes! It means the car can go 400 Km in just 15 minutes of charging which is incredible since charging has been one of the primary issues of electric vehicles. Porsche also claims that the new car can also be charged via conventional charging stations, but at a much slower pace than this. To take advantage of this¬†ability terminals with an appropriate voltage and current power will need to to be installed.

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Just like industry leader Tesla, Porsche has also mounted the motors quite low in the underbody. The low center of gravity combined with an ability to make quick directional changes, Mission E’s handling is expected to be extremely balanced and speedy. No weight figures are yet available, but the luxury car company has claimed that Mission E has been made as light as possible with the right mixture of metal and carbon fiber to achieve that.

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Despite being a concept, its incredible acceleration and charging ability means that it will blow many people off their feet at the auto show. Another great car to look forward to in the annual auto show.


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