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Porsche Reveals The Interior Of Its Electric Van With A Radical And Futuristic New Design

Owing to the impossibility of arranging live and physical car shows and exhibitions, companies have not really revealed their designs and concepts in the way they would have liked and preferred. In fact, a lot of companies have made new and modern concepts but have not disclosed them yet. Recently, Porsche has disclosed its designs that it did not make public before. Now, they are available for the public eye and people cannot help but appreciate the smart and innovative automobiles.

One of these designs is the Renndienst that is an improved and updated version of the VW T1 Porsche factory race team service van. This was thought to be the regular 1:1 exterior model but now Porsche has revealed the interior with a 1-2-3 layout.

The design was not considered entirely aesthetic and there was a debate on its visuals as it was called confusing. It is described as a Volkswagen concept along with Porsche’s hints of sports design. It is claimed to be almost at the same level of aesthetics as the Original ID.

The features of the van have focused on the look of a future vehicle with round and edgeless corners. It also has a travel cabin. The overall look is being called the vision for ‘day after tomorrow’. Porsche’s chief designer Michael Mauer worked in collaboration with head of interior design Markus Auerbach and director of UX design Ivo van Hulten for Renndienst.

The controls are smart and a combination of digital and analog features, enabling the driver to operate them without taking eyes off the road. The rear windows are not like the traditional ones. One side does not have an outlet while the other one has a rectangular window. This gives an option for the rider to either lay unbothered to the closed side or to enjoy the view from the right side.

The row in the middle has two separate seats with an option for a digital screen that can be extracted or retracted inside the dashboard. It is said that the car will be given a Knight Rider-inspired essence and maybe in the future it will be there to pick us up without a driver.

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