Porsche Has Halted Production In Germany Amid The Ukraine Crisis


Porsche will cease production at its Leipzig, Germany, plant owing to supply-chain issues caused by the Ukraine-Russia crisis.

According to a Porsche official, the facility was compelled to suspend operations on Wednesday afternoon until the end of next week. The Macan and Panamera SUVs are manufactured predominantly at the Leipzig factory.

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According to Porsche, production at its Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen facility, which produces the Taycan and 911 models, will resume this week.

“Further steps will take place in an orderly process,” Porsche said.

“In the coming days and weeks, we will continuously reassess the situation. The degree of impact on our business activities is determined on an ongoing basis by experts in a task force.”

Porsche Macan production Leipzig

According to industry sources, Porsche, Volkswagen Group brands VW and Skoda, has been buying wiring harnesses from western Ukraine. BMW also makes use of wire harnesses made in Ukraine. However, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has hampered all supplies.

“The Volkswagen Group is looking at the situation in Ukraine with great concern and consternation,” Porsche said.

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In the debate regarding the barriers to electric car development in the auto industry, the battery and its basic raw materials are commonly cited. Furthermore, the greater semiconductor scarcity continues to impact automobile production output from all manufacturers negatively.

The week-long standoff has already created major delays in Europe’s automobile industry, ranging from supply-chain issues to delivery and production halts.

BMW, Porsche suspend production due to shortages related to Ukraine -  report - News7g

Due to supply difficulties, BMW has declared that production in Germany and other European nations would be halted. Volkswagen has also warned that production at its Wolfsburg plant may have to be suspended in the week of March 14 as the supply chain crisis intensifies.

As a result of the sanctions, automakers such as Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin have ceased car exports to Russia.


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