Pope Gets A Brand New Lamborghini Huracan


Lamborghini, the Italian sports car maker just gave Pope Francis keys to a brand new Lamborghini Huracan this Wednesday. This took place in front of his residence, the Vatican’s Casa Santa Marta. But, if you expect the pope to speed around town in his new Lamborghini, you might want to hold your horses for now.

Pope Francis signed his name on the Lamborghini in front of his residence on 15th November and as reported by the Vatican Radio, the car will be used to help 4 charities. No, it will not serve as a transport for the charities in question but the white and gold Lamborghini will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s in London and the proceeds will go to the charities in Pope’s name.

(Source: Autoblog)
The Lamborghini Huracan has a price of $216,000 but it is expected that the special edition signed by the Pope Francis will fetch a much higher price. The proceeds from the auction will go to the Church in Need, the John XXIII Community, and two Italian charities in Africa – Gicam and Friends of Central Africa. We will have to wait and see how the auction turns out before the funds are going to be divided among these four.

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