Police In Germany Chase Tesla For 15 Minutes After Driver Turns On Autopilot And ‘Goes To Sleep’

A bizarre incident occurred on the Autobahn in Bamberg, Germany. While patrolling the area, authorities saw a Tesla, which appeared to be on Autopilot, going while its driver was sleeping. It took officers 15 minutes to chase and stop the EV.

A news release issued by the Bavarian Police offered additional information regarding the incident. According to the press release, traffic officials observed something abnormal about a Tesla traveling on the A70 from Bamberg to Bayreuth. The officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the driver but quickly learned that stopping the car was not easier than it sounded.

This was due to the Tesla driver, a 45-year-old male whose identity was not disclosed, failing to respond to cops’ stop signals or horns. However, the driver appeared to be fast asleep, with his seat reclined, his eyes closed, and his hands off the steering wheel. Despite this, Tesla maintained a constant speed of roughly 110 km/h. Furthermore, it kept a steady distance from the patrol car from the Viereth-Trunstadt junction to the Bamberg-Hafen intersection.

Authorities speculated that the Tesla driver may have used Autopilot before falling asleep behind the wheel. After a 15-minute ordeal, the Tesla driver awoke and followed the authorities’ directions. According to the police press statement, the 45-year-old man driving the Tesla “exhibited drug-typical abnormalities throughout the check-up.” A steering wheel weight was also discovered in the Tesla’s footwell by the police.

One of the most disputed options accessible to Tesla customers is steering wheel weights. Essentially, the purpose of such a device is to trick a Tesla into thinking the driver’s hands are on the wheel when they are not. Steering wheel weights may therefore be viewed as defeat devices and potentially lethal.

However, it is fortunate that Autopilot was activated at the time of the collision in this case. If not for Autopilot, the driver would have likely crashed as soon as he fell asleep.

For the criminal offense of endangering overall traffic on the road, a preliminary investigation has been filed against the Tesla driver.

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