Polaroid Socialmatic Camera Prints Your Photos As Soon As You Take Them

Polaroid Socialmatic Finally Makes its Way to Market

We all have been teased for quite some time now regarding the Socialmatic camera by Polaroid and now it is finally shipping, the company showed it off at CES 2015. According to reports, it works just like the advertisement claims it will. The digital camera comes with a zero-ink printer embedded in it and is based on android.Polaroid Socialmatic Finally Makes its Way to Market4

It comes with a width and height of 5.2 inches while sporting a thickness of 1.2”. Although it isn’t really designed for your pocket, it is still quite an amazing thing to have with you when it comes to taking pictures and printing them. The design is inspired from Instagram logo. It is yet to be explored whether people will be comfortable using it or not.Polaroid Socialmatic Finally Makes its Way to Market3

Despite all this, there’s a very good chance that people will be interested in a gadget that allows them to take pictures while also enabling them to print 2×3 inches pictures and share them over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Polaroid is hopeful that it can create a market base by finding those who have an interest in social media and retro alike. CEO Scott W. Hardy said, “Polaroid created the original social network; allowing people to instantly share a moment in time with others.”

The Socialmatic camera is quite easy and somewhat straightforward to use, with a touchscreen about 4.5 inches big that is capable of framing up shots and a process so simple that even an amateur can print a photo in under a minute. Each photo taken with this gadget gets its own QR code that can be scanned to find out the history and other particulars about every print. It comes with Polaroid’s social platform, Socialmatic Photonetwork.Polaroid Socialmatic Finally Makes its Way to Market2

The primary camera is 14MP while the secondary camera is 2MP. It has a storage worth 4GB and a microSD slot as well. Polaroid has stated that it will run Android 4.4 KitKat. The gadget will cost $299 and Amazon is taking pre-orders while the shipping is scheduled for 1st February.

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