Plastc Is A New Smart Card That Will Replace All Other Cards In Your Wallet

Plastc Card5

Carrying different cards with you is only part of the problem while the second one is finding the right one at the right time to make use of. There is a plethora of cards that everyone keeps; credit cards, loyalty cards and debit cards. The idea behind today’s gadget is to make life easy for us by storing all the information from these cards into a single card. Say hello to Plastc Card that can be termed as an electronic card-format device capable of storing the data of 20 cards on it.Plastc Card

Is it for real? Yes, it is! You can choose the card that you want to use via the e-ink screen and then use Plastc like any other card. The loading process of traditional cards onto the Plastc Card is quite simple; you swipe the card in question through a reader that is attached to your smartphone. The Plastc Wallet app then records all the information and then transfers it to the Plastc Card through Bluetooth. The storage capacity of Plastc Card is 20 cards, however, you can store as many as you want to onto the app and then have it retrieved whenever you need to. The app also tracks every transaction made by Plastc Card.Plastc Card2

So, how come this gadget works and what is the principle behind it? Put on your science caps readers; the gadget features a rewritable magnetic strip. This allows the Plastc Card to be swiped disguised as the card that it has selected to represent. The e-ink screen incorporated into the card is used to view and select cards stored in the device’s memory. This screen also displays barcodes when applicable, while also displaying user photos and signatures. The card also comes with NFC/RFID functionality and a future firmware update shall enable the card to be used in PIN and chip machines.Plastc Card3 Plastc Card4

The battery, installed within the device, runs for 30 days on a single charge and can be charged again with a wireless charging mat that comes as part of the deal. The built-in light sensor helps conserve battery when it is inside your wallet. In case you forget the card at the store, an alert shall be sent to your smartphone via the app. If the smartphone is out of the Bluetooth range of the gadget for a set amount of time, the card wipes its own memory, therefore, protecting any misuse of the card. The card re-syncs with the app when the phone is in range again. In case your phone is lost, don’t worry, the app is protected by PIN and facial recognition.Plastc Card6

The card has a price tag of $155 and has no monthly fees whatsoever. The shipping for Northern Hemisphere starts next summer. Would you get one? Let us know in the comments section below

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    I would love to buy one of these cards how or where can I buy one now.

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