Place Your Phone In The Pocket Of These Trousers And It Will Charge Automatically

Wearable Chino 2

The smartphone and subsequent inventions all have changed our lifestyle over the past few years and as of today, it is impossible to imagine life without all the gadgets that we so conveniently use. However, there is one downside to all these gadgets becoming an essential part of our lives, we all are constantly looking for charging outlets in order to charge our smartphone or other gadgets. This article looks at a solution to this problem while also trying to shift the image of wearable tech from mere smart watches to the myriad of opportunities that are available.Wearable Chino 5

Microsoft and Adrien Sauvage – Fashion designer – joined forces in order to find out a solution to charging issue while also to change how people look at wearable tech and this is where they developed a pair of pants that is capable of charging your smartphone, wirelessly. Yeah, that’s right; a pair of pants that will charge your smartphone so all that you need to do is to place the smartphone in your pants’ pocket and it will begin charging right away. The ‘wearable chino’ was announced on Tuesday and is the world’s first pair of wireless mobile charging pants!Wearable Chino 4

These pants are essentially merely a hack that has been executed by employing Nokia DC-50M portable wireless charging plate. The plate was ‘cracked open’ and then incorporated into the chino’s front pocket and this allows the user to charge their smart phone (Qi-ready) as soon as they place it in the front pocket. The pants have a battery worth 2400 mAh and is charged either by a USB cable or another DC-50.Wearable Chino 6

The pants won’t be washable, at least not in the washing machine. Now that could pose a problem but let’s see how that will be tackled. As of now, Sauvage has plans of selling these pants on Amazon for about 3 months at a price that is over $340 and as per Sauvage, the aim over here is not to mass produce this product but to rather ‘move the wearable technology concept beyond smart watches’.Wearable Chino Wearable Chino 3

What we are more concerned with is how much heat this device will be producing. We already know that keeping smartphones in your pockets is not a good idea because of the heat and radiation that it emits; so this will be the main concern for us. Other than that, a good invention that definitely presents a future for wearable tech other than the commonly perceived smart watches.

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