Phone Tied To Drone Saves Man From Freezing To Death While Stranded On A Mountain


A driver in Oregon who found himself stranded in deep snow on a remote and unmaintained road in Willamette National Forest without a mobile signal has been rescued, thanks to his quick thinking and ingenuity.

The stranded driver attached his mobile phone to a drone and sent it into the air, enabling the phone to connect to a nearby tower and send an SOS message to rescuers.

Stranded On A Mountain, A Man Tied His Phone To A Drone To Text For Help

The driver was stuck in deep snow on an unmaintained road in Willamette National Forest without a cell phone reception. With his family out of the country, no one knew his location to call for help. However, his smart decision ultimately saved his life.

Firstly, he stayed with his vehicle, reducing the risk of exposure. Secondly, he used his drone to attach his cell phone and typed a message to a trusted contact describing his situation and location.

He then launched the drone into the air, which allowed his phone to connect to a tower and send the message. The Lane County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team was deployed and rescued the stranded driver.

The Sheriff’s office praised the man’s quick thinking but also stressed the importance of not attempting to drive on unmaintained roads covered in snow. In addition, the Sheriff’s office explained that many forested areas of Lane County have limited cell phone reception, which can cause dangerous situations.

The stranded driver’s drone also unintentionally helped another stranded motorist stuck in the snow for multiple days. The Sheriff’s office expressed their happiness with the outcome but reminded people always to tell a responsible person exactly where they are traveling.


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