Why Does Your Phone Die Before The Battery Runs Out? This Is The Answer

Did you feel that your smartphone’s battery is dying earlier than it should be? Are you frustrated on this sorcery that although your phone shows at least 20 percent power, it suddenly goes off without warning? If so, then today is the lucky day, as we are going to explain you the ultimate reason of this issue along with some remedies to fix this.

Whatever the technology or the company of your phone might be, the battery percentage at the corner of your screen is just an estimate. There is no built-in sensor installed inside the battery. Instead, algorithms are devised to measure the rate of battery usage depending upon the voltage it is emitting. This method is just like if you are measuring the water in a barrel by estimating the total amount of water and the rate of water trickling out from a hole in the side or a tap.


Pic Credits: edgecastcdn
Image Credits: edgecastcdn

Although this technique is pretty handy in most of the cases, unfortunately, it is not a perfect indicator of battery life. There are many factors which are left ignored by these algorithms, such as the type of battery, environmental conditions, and apps being used, etc. This algorithm becomes more inaccurate and redundant when your phone becomes old. The crystals inside the battery are in semi-working conditions, and some of them are even busted. This reduces the battery’s capacity while making the estimation algorithms even more inaccurate.

Another reason could be that even after shutting off, your phone still needs some power to do background functions, so it stores some of the battery power for later use. Don’t forget that it does need some power to shut down properly in the first place. A phone has various processes and apps going on in the background. It is essential that a phone shuts down cleanly after writing everything onto a permanent storage or the cloud.

Some batteries also shut off earlier than the others because they are designed to do so. Depending on the cell makeup, draining it to absolute zero prevents the battery from accepting a charge. Shutting down “early” allows enough charge to remain inside the battery while preventing it from being dead. Most batteries are programmed to detect this and shut off the battery’s power before it reaches absolute zero.

Pic Credits: dreamstime
Pic Credits: dreamstime


Now that you understand why this happens, the best way to avoid this is to never let your battery dip into the red zone in the first place, especially if your battery is already worn out. Try to carry a portable charger and juice up your phone regularly to avoid this hassle. You can always activate low power mode in case of any trouble or delete some of the power-guzzling apps like Pokemon Go and Facebook. Try to use low power browsers like Safari instead of Chrome or Firefox. For long term battery life, avoid exposing your device to extreme cold or heat.

If you are caught in the conundrum of the low battery which is about to die, don’t try to shut off your phone. Put your phone either on the airplane or power saver mode. Shutting it off, as mentioned above, still uses a lot of your phone battery, but putting it on airplane mode will consume least!

Do you have more tips and tricks to save battery life of a phone? Let us know in the comments’ section below!

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