Philips Hue Go Is A Wireless Lamp That Looks Like A Beautifully Illuminated Dome

philips lamp

We all have felt helplessly limited when it comes to moving that lamp around the room. Usually, the absence of a power outlet has limited our choices when it comes to placing the lamp in a different place. However, Philips has now brought a gadget whose mobility is no longer limited and can be moved wherever you want it to. All thanks to the wireless and rechargeable features that it comes with.Philips Hue Go – The Wireless Lamp

Hue Go is shaped like a dome and can be controlled via any Android or iOS device. You will need Philips Hue app or any other app that has been developed for the lamp. The gadget uses a Li-ion battery and can operate for 3 hours following a 90-minute charge.Philips Hue Go – The Wireless Lamp 2 Philips Hue Go – The Wireless Lamp 4

Hue Go comes with a total of 7 light preset settings that include ‘cool daylight’, ‘warm white light’ and ‘five natural dynamic effects’. Users can also opt for their own favorite color by using the function named as ‘color loop’. Philips has patented the ‘five natural dynamic effects’ that included ‘enchanted forest’, ‘night adventure’ and ‘cozy candle’. The company states that each dynamic effect comes with its own particular mix of hues to induce the right mood and enhance the accompanying moment.Philips Hue Go – The Wireless Lamp 5

The lamp can be used as a sleep aid, alarm clock and is capable of syncing with music/TV programs once connected to the ‘Bridge’. It will be on sale in June, 2015 costing $100.

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