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Philippines island make up an archipelago of islands in South East Asia beside China Sea, the country bordered by a beautiful tropical diversity with a pleasant climate make tourists visit the place again. The secluded island of Boracay is one of the most popular island tourist destinations known for their world’s class resorts and varied flora and fauna as seen on most Philippines wallpapers.

The country has a vast catholic population, due to Spanish influences, which contributes to the Spanish-Filipino architecture; with warm-hearted people will give you a home like feel. With more than 7,200 islands it’s a beach-goers’ delight. Depending on your choices you can either has a ball time at one of the bigger islands like Mindanao, out get away to El Nido, a small island for those getaways. The treacherous and towering San Miguel is one of the places to set out to hike, or a ‘summer capital’ of Baguio. One of the world’s longest islands is also a home of different cultures namely Melanesian and Austronesia culture. One of the spot to shop around the Metro Manila area, the ancient city of Ilocos Sur and Crisilogo street in Vigan, which is a world heritage site, one of the most famous tourist places to go scuba diving in crystal clear waters and interact with the diverse sea habitat, along with boat sailing done by many. Antiques and brassware are some of the souvenirs favoured. To experience street food and authentic indigenous cuisine one must try to the Carenderias, Pancit, Ulam, Puto are some of the regional favourites. But one thing one has to be careful about is drug abuse and human trafficking in southern areas where tensions are rife between the militia and the government.

The official currency is the peso, with a host of activities to do and explore in the myriad islands of Philippines Wallpaper, it is a tough task to ignore and go by while looking for a tropical beach vacation.

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