Phase 1 Trials For The New BioNtech Cancer Vaccine Have Been Completed

Vaccine of coronavirus has been circulated around the globe for quite a while now. The distribution has reached both the developed and the underdeveloped side of the world. It has reached to masses. However, there are still a significant amount of people who are skeptical of the vaccine and are averse to the idea of it. They believe there might be unpleasant side effects or the components of the vaccine which may react with preexisting conditions like cancer or other chronic diseases.

There has been a development in this arena as new m-RNA vaccines are getting developed for multiple purposes. Such an experiment is under progress where the first person to be injected with BioNTech vaccine has shown promising results and progress. It is called the BNT111 treatment which will be coupled with another immunotherapy drug.

Phase I trials are completed, and the Phase II ones are yet to be executed. According to the researchers, cancer needs immediate attention of the medical world as well. The spread and occurrence of cancer is escalating at an exponential rate and if not checked, it can be transformed into a global medical threat.

Another method of combatting the disease is that of introducing antigens in the bodies of specific cancer types so the body’s immune system is activated, and it can get prepared to fight cancer. The BNT111 innovation is focused on four major antigens that are associated with cancer and one of them is the antigen which is common to 90 percent of cancers. Hence, the breakthrough is massively significant in the field of creating vaccines for fatal cancers. Besides BNT111, BNT112 and BNT113 are also under progress in phase 1 trials which are effective against castration resistance prostate and HIV/neck cancer, respectively. These vaccines have the potential to cure or entirely prevent the spread of cancerous tumors. Conclusive results are expected after further trials.

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