People Have Starting Throwing Eggs At Google’s Autonomous Vans

Robots are taking over the world, and it worries many people, the humans of a possible new “Robotic World Order.”

It is quite a while now that the world has been introduced to independently run robotic technologies, entirely autonomous, controlling many human-run operations. Robot hate has been rising simultaneously, with some fearing accidents on roads with more use of autonomously run vehicles and others fearing losing their jobs.

A recent example of hate on growing autonomous power is an attack on Google-backed self-driving vans by Waymo. Autonomous vans were going through their initial road testing in Phoenix, Arizona, when haters started throwing eggs on them, expressing how much they want this to stop.

The technology is evolving, and so are our behaviors, making us more conveniently reliable on autonomous technology. The commute world has also covered a long distance, starting from combustion cars to adding features like cruise control, which later advanced to adaptive cruise control.

The electric autonomously run vehicles that do pretty well without human supervision are a thing for quite some time now. While providing convenience, these technologies are mainly taking away the human role, and that is exactly what bothers the people in Phoenix, Arizona.

Waymo has been testing its autonomous run vehicles on Phoenix’s roads, given that it’s an easy pick. With loose policies, manufacturers of autonomous vehicles find it a sanctuary to test their newly built models.

Preferably, these autonomous testing are kept secret and away from where they could catch attention. Why? Because such testings have led to accidents, given the machine error. There are numerous such examples where a driverless car was the reason for a fatal accident. Hence, leaving most of the states to force strict policies over such testings on the road.

The hate sentiment against autonomous technology isn’t a new thing. It is just more fueled with advancements in the field. Although, the haters even know their hate is so little to stop the technology from growing, leading to a more convenient world for some while increasing hardships for others.

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