Only 1 Out Of 1000 People Can Figure Out The Solution Of This Mathematical Puzzle. Can You?

Here’s a quiz that’ll make you flex your brain muscles! This test has the entire Facebook in a fix, with over 1000 people responding but only 1 man was correctly able to crack the code.

Think your mathematics is up to mark? Time to put the money where your mouth is! Let us try this out:

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This bizarre intelligence test requires the users to find the hidden sequence of numbers, but it remarkably has left most of the people stumped.

The makers say that only 1 in 1,000 people can figure out the answer, so can you? Give it a try folks!

The test has been created by Go Tumble on Wikr and requires people to ‘think outside the box’ and work out two different but correct answers to a series of equations.

Given up? Here’s the solution:

‘Firstly, think outside the box! This math riddle is not that simple. Even though there’s usually one right answer for math problems, but two common solutions are causing heated debates all over the world.’

Most of the people will begin by adding 1 + 4 to reach the answer 5.

Then they’ll add 2 + 5 to the sum of 5 to get an answer of 12.

The majority of users will use the same process in the next line, adding 3 + 6 to get 9, then add nine to the sum in the equation above (12) to reach the figure 21.

In the last stage, they will add 8 + 11 to get 19, before adding it to the sum of the previous line (21) to get 40.


While 40 is more widely accepted and correct answer, here’s the second answer that only a handful of people figured out!

While makers say that, of course, 1 + 4 = 5, intelligent people will get the answer by adding 1 to 4 x 1.

Using that formula, they’ll add 2 to 2 x 5 to get 12.

They’ll then add 3 to 6 x 3 to get 21.

And to reach the final and alternate answer, they’ll add 8 to 11 x 8 to get 96.

Were you able to solve the test? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. John Stead Reply

    Nope the first approach was wrong. The second approach is the right one. Because it can answer 0+3 = 0 which is the previous line before the first line. While the first approach cannot answer that.

  2. Exodus Reply

    I solve this in less than 1 min. This is a simple abstract reasoning. The most obvious solution is replacing the + sign with an * sign and do do operation. After getting the product add the first number to get the answer.

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