People Are Using The Apple Vision Pro In Some Very Dangerous Ways

Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro headset made its debut in stores recently, prompting early adopters to don the device in various public settings. Social media platforms were inundated with sightings of Vision Pro users engaging in peculiar and sometimes reckless behaviors over the weekend. Here are some noteworthy examples:

1. Traveling Down the Information Superhighway:

A man was spotted driving a Tesla Cybertruck while wearing and using the Apple Vision Pro. Although the video creator claimed it was a skit and the car wasn’t in self-driving mode, concerns about safety lingered.

2. Take Your Fast Car and Keep on Driving:

Another Tesla owner filmed himself using the Vision Pro while utilizing the car’s self-driving feature, despite safety recommendations against such actions. Although the video may have been edited to appear as if he was pulled over by police, the driver admitted to driving with the headset for at least half a minute.

3. Scenes From a Chinese Restaurant:

Some early adopters opted to wear the Vision Pro while dining out, showcasing its integration into everyday activities, albeit in unconventional settings.

4. See Spot Run (Away From Embarrassment):

In London, a man exemplified multitasking by walking his robotic dog while wearing the Vision Pro, offering a glimpse into a potentially dystopian future.

5. Crossy Road on Hard Mode:

A tech enthusiast in San Jose demonstrated the device’s capabilities by navigating city streets, pausing only briefly to resize windows on Second St.

6. The Great Train Robbery:

Wearing the Vision Pro on the NYC subway poses risks beyond theft, as the immersive features could lead to distraction and potential loss of personal belongings.

These instances highlight the eagerness of early adopters to showcase the Vision Pro’s functionalities, albeit sometimes in inappropriate or unsafe contexts. As the device continues to gain traction, responsible usage and adherence to safety guidelines are imperative to prevent accidents and ensure user well-being.

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