People Are Saying This 10-Year-Old iPhone Will Never Be Beaten

The new iPhone 15 has just been released by Apple, marking another significant landmark labeled as the ‘biggest update to the device in three years’ and adding several new features that are sure to keep phone enthusiasts entertained.

But the excitement turned into dread for many as the iPhone 15 was found with many issues, the most common being its overheating due to the addition of the new Type-C charging port. Another noticeable fault is its failure of the notorious bend test.

Many people are content with it regardless but some still believe that a certain iPhone released 12 years ago still is unbeatable and comes out on top i.e., the iPhone 4s. It certainly hits nostalgia.

The iPhone 4s was released in October 2011 and was marketed by Apple as “The most amazing iPhone ever.” It came with improvements like better cameras and a larger screen.

Surprisingly, even in 2023, many people praise the iPhone 4s even though you might think it would have gone extinct by now. This is certainly not the case by far as in a YouTube video by the iClassic account, the content creator unboxed an iPhone 4s and completed its initial setup. The phone’s user interface may look old, but people still fondly remember the iPhone 4s.

The content creator said that ‘nothing will beat the iPhone 4s’.

One YouTube commenter wrote, “The 2010-2013 era of Apple is unbeatable.”

Another Apple fan mentioned that they own over 20 iPhone 4s and use them for game shows and trivia quizzes. They find the older models easy to work with and appreciate their replaceable batteries. They wrote: “It really DOESN’T get better! I actually own over 20 4Ss… No joke! I use them as controllers for game shows & trivia quizzes I host at parties. They still work well with simple, local network web apps & the batteries are SOOO much easier to swap than later models!! Plus, I feel good knowing I can give them a better home than a landfill!”

And a third remarked: “As crazy as it sounds, I’m actually using an iPhone 4s as my main phone atm!”

Do you think the iPhone 15 is actually the best iPhone ever released or does the iPhone 4s still reign supreme? Let us know in the comments below!

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