People Are Realising That They’ve Been Using The iPhone Calculator App All Wrong

In today’s age of smartphones equipped with calculators, mental math seems to have taken a back seat. The iPhone calculator has become our go-to tool for various calculations, but many users may not be aware of its full potential. This guide sheds light on lesser-known hacks that can simplify calculations and elevate your overall arithmetic experience.

When a mistake is made in a calculation, the common approach is to erase the entire input using the ‘C’ button. However, there’s a more efficient method available on the iPhone calculator. Most users are unaware that individual numbers can be deleted with a simple swipe left or right across the display. This feature allows for error correction without the need to wipe the slate clean.

For those looking to save time, a useful trick allows users to copy the last result without reopening the calculator app. After completing a calculation and switching to another application, a quick tap and hold on the calculator icon reveal an option to copy the last figure. This time-saving maneuver ensures a seamless transfer of results without the hassle of returning to the calculator interface.

Beyond its basic functions, the iPhone calculator harbors a hidden scientific calculator mode. To access this feature, users need to ensure their screen orientation isn’t locked. Turning the phone lengthways reveals scientific buttons, offering logarithmic and trigonometric functions. Additionally, tapping the ‘2nd’ button unveils secret features, and a quirky addition allows users to generate random numbers by hitting the ‘Rand’ button.

The iPhone calculator’s versatility extends to its ability to seamlessly switch between standard and scientific modes without losing any calculations. Users can rotate their devices to the preferred mode, and the app will retain all previous calculations. This feature ensures a smooth transition between different arithmetic needs without the fear of losing progress.

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