People Are Installing $65,000 Cold Plunge Pools In Their Yards So They Can Start Their Mornings Off In Freezing Water

The pursuit of eternal youth and optimal health knows no bounds, especially for the wealthy. The latest trend capturing their attention is the installation of private plunge pools filled with icy cold water, believed to slow down aging and enhance focus levels.

With price tags reaching up to $65,000, these luxurious cold plunge pools are becoming increasingly popular among the affluent, signaling their willingness to invest heavily in unconventional methods for staying youthful.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Diamond Spas & Pools, a luxury pool manufacturer in Colorado, has witnessed a tenfold increase in cold plunge orders since 2019. These pools involve immersing oneself in water below 59 degrees Fahrenheit and are now attracting the attention of individuals seeking physical benefits and mental and emotional advantages.

Brad Margist, a 31-year-old chief technology officer, starts his day with a cold plunge, finding it to positively impact his emotional state. He claims that the experience allows him to approach tough conversations with greater composure and reduced stress. Margist opted for a DIY approach and built his own plunge facility at home using a chest freezer, which cost him a modest $600 compared to the exorbitant amounts spent by others.

Stephen Garten, founder and CEO of Charity Charge, opts for a professional-grade cold plunge unit made by Blue Cube, a plunge pool manufacturer. Garten, who takes one or two cold plunges daily, describes the experience as “brutal.” Blue Cube’s residential cold plunge bath typically costs nearly $22,000, but a sale currently offers it for $17,999.

The appeal of cold plunges extends beyond individual homes, with luxury apartment buildings also incorporating this feature into their amenities. For example, one Manhattan Square, an upscale complex in New York City, promotes a cold plunge pool as one of its exclusive offerings. A couple interviewed by The Wall Street Journal revealed that the presence of a cold plunge pool was a decisive factor in their decision to purchase a $2.2 million apartment in the building.

In addition, they attribute mental clarity, improved alertness, and reduced stress to their plunging routine.

Insider’s request for comments from Blue Cube and Diamond Spas & Pools went unanswered, leaving their perspectives on the growing popularity of cold plunges unknown. However, this recent trend reflects the extraordinary lengths to which the ultra-rich are willing to go in their quest for perfect health.

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