Pebby Is A New Robotic Pet Sitter That Will Monitor Your Pets When You Are Not Home

Pebby Robotic Pet Sitter

Pets are family. If you are crazy about keeping a pet, you have to be crazy about taking care of them as one of your own children. Pets are like children, aren’t they? So you wouldn’t want to leave them unattended ever. Internet of Things is not only for humans, but it is also now a thing for pets too, and Pebby is the rolling robot that every pet needs.

Source: Pebby Kickstarter

Pebby is a smart collar and ball system that allows you to monitor and entertain your pet remotely with your cell phone. The ball, embedded with a 720p wide angle camera will follow the pet around so you can keep and eye on them. The smart collar will track the fitness of the animal and provide you insights about their behavior and health on the companion smartphone application. The battery on the collar will last 8 to 12 days.

Source: Pebby Kickstarter

The app is available for both Android and iOS and controls the ball over WiFi, so you do not have to worry even if you are in some other part of the world. Pebby is powered by three lithium-ion batteries that provide a play time of 90 minutes and last 15 hours in standby.

If you do not have enough time to give your pet, you can set your Pebby to Autoplay mode and let your pets have fun on their own. If you can not figure out if the ball would be any good for a cat, there is another perk. It comes with a built-in pet and human safe laser that no feline will be able to resist.

Pebby will not only allow you to see the live stream of your pet playing, but it will also let you capture the best of your pets moments while you are away and you can choose to share them on social media. You can even send a ‘woof,’ a ‘meow’ or a prerecorded voice message to your pet through the two-way audio and mic system. You will receive bark and nudge alerts from your pet, so you know when they want to play.

Source: Pebby Kickstarter

You will never have to worry about your Pebby getting damaged as it is made with shatterproof, replaceable polycarbonate casing. Even if the ball gets thrown into the swimming pool, the waterproof casing will prevent any damage. The playtime with Pebby does not stop at night. The LED headlights on the ball will let you navigate through the dark. The Pebby can even be customized to your choice by swappable shells.

Source: Pebby Kickstarter

When you are done playing, you can send the Pebby to its wireless charging cradle called the PebbyKennel.

Source: Pebby Kickstarter

The Pebby campaign is live on Kickstarter, and you can back the project to get an early bird special at $149 before the price goes to the original $248.

Watch Pebby live in action.

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