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Pebble Time Watch Becomes The Most Funded Kickstarter Campaign in 7 Days

Pebble Time Watch 2

Pebble has launched its new campaign for the Time smartwatch on Kickstarter and it has broken all records. The campaign quickly rose to the most funded project ever on Kickstarter and has already raised more than $14.9 million in only a week. The smartwatch is the third product from Pebble and shall sport a colored screen.

The campaign broke a record on its first day as well when it raised over $9 million in 24 hours. Up till now, the campaign has more than 60,000 backers and as per the campaign page, it will be launched in May 2015. The previous highest funding record was held by Coolest Cooler that had raised $13.3 million. It is worth noting that the Pebble campaign still has about 18 more days to go before it ends.

The Time smartwatch features a colored e-paper screen like the technology being used in e-readers (Amazon Kindle) while the company promises that the watch will have a battery life of up to 7 days and shall be water resistant. The gadget will have a price tag of $199 when the campaign ends on 28th March, however, pre-orders for $179 are still available.

Pebble also announced at the Mobile World Congress technology show that was held in Barcelona that the company will be releasing a high-end Steel version of the Time watch that will cost $245 and shall be similar to the Apple Watch’s premium version. Let’s see how Pebble Time Watch compares when pitted against Apple Watch. You can read about Apple Watch here.

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