Passenger Says He Has No Passport And Has No Idea How He Got To LA From Russia

In a bizarre tale that seems straight out of a spy novel, a Russian man, Sergey Vladimirovich Ochigava, recently found himself at the center of an international mystery after arriving in Los Angeles without a passport, visa, or ticket. This peculiar incident challenges the stringent airport security measures implemented globally since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Ochigava embarked on his journey on November 4, aboard a Scandinavian Airlines flight from Europe to Los Angeles. His unusual behavior drew attention from the cabin crew as he occupied a seat meant to remain unoccupied during takeoff and engaged in erratic seat-hopping and attempts to strike up conversations with fellow passengers. During meal service, he even boldly requested two meals and reportedly indulged in the cabin crew’s chocolate stash.

Upon arrival in Los Angeles, Ochigava claimed to have left his American passport on the plane, but border officials could not locate his name on the flight manifest. The mystery deepened as Ochigava professed to have no recollection of how he ended up on the flight, despite now facing a federal charge for being a stowaway.

According to The Guardian, iStories, an independent Russian news outlet, reported that a man with the same name owned a now-closed Moscow art gallery and held a PhD in economics and marketing from Plekhanov University in Moscow.

While Ochigava may be entangled in a legal nightmare, his situation underscores the dangers associated with stowing away on airplanes. In contrast to his relatively fortunate outcome, other stowaways have faced tragic consequences. In 2020, authorities discovered a deceased boy in the landing gear of an Air France plane that had flown from the Ivory Coast to Paris. In a gruesome incident in 2019, a stowaway fell from a flight from Kenya to London, landing near a man sunning himself in his South West London backyard.

Despite the intrigue surrounding Ochigava’s mysterious journey, it serves as a stark reminder of the perilous risks and potential tragic outcomes associated with attempting to stow away on an airplane.

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