Battery Explodes at Turkish Airport After Passenger Throws Power Bank In A Spat With Security

After the electronics ban was implemented by the US for 13 countries, many countries soon followed suit as the circle of restrictions widened. Of course, this has led to widespread discomfort for the masses, as shown by one man’s protest on the Istanbul Alatürk Airport. As valid as his tantrum was, little did he know it was, quite literally, soon to blow up into his own face.

A man, whose identity is not revealed, was protesting the airport’s restriction on carrying electronic devices on the plane to the UK, and he threw his power bank on the ground in a show of disapproval at the “outrageous and mindless” ban.

But in a case of twisted irony, this act of protest served to be the worst advocate for his disapproval as the power bank exploded and burst into flames, requiring immediate attention from the security staff, proving the policy right after all!

The man got infuriated after a heated argument with security officials at the airport, and his action of throwing the battery pack ignited the lithium cells causing it to catch fire after a  minor explosion at Gate 710, Turkey’s Dogan news agency reported.

Thankfully, no one got hurt in the incident, Channel NewsAsia reports.

The laptops and other large electronic devices flight ban, after serving for four months, was lifted by the U.S. and replaced by extreme vetting and frisking at the airport. But this was only applied on flights from Dubai and Istanbul, not to UK-bound flights.

In case you want to avoid the drama and any inconvenience, here’s the list of 5 devices you actually can bring onboard with you without any hassle.

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