Parents Name Newborn Girl After Internet Provider To Get Free WiFi For 18 Years

By naming their daughter “Twifia” after the Internet provider of a similar name, a young Swiss couple has scored free internet from the company for 18 years.

The startup company Twifi posted an ad on Facebook, asking parents to name their newborns after the company’s name and suggested the options as Twifus for boys and Twifia for girls, in exchange for free wifi for 18 years.

The parents were intrigued and thought they could save this money for their daughter instead. After much thought, they used Twifia as their daughter’s middle name on her official birth certificate.

The father was initially sold on the idea as Twifia was a unique name. However, the mother disagreed, but the more they used the name, the better it sounded to her ears. So, she finally gave in, as it was a reflection of connectivity and a long-term bond. And of course, there are much worse names out there.

The parents strictly chose to remain anonymous as they were a little ashamed of having sold their daughter’s name and didn’t want to be judged by other people.

Parents name their girl Twifia to get free Internet for 18 years

Phillippe Fotsch, Twifi boss, was praised for the parent’s decision as he spoke to and promised to ensure their end of the deal, even if the company goes bankrupt, and encouraged fellow new parents to try the names Twifius and TWifia.

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