Paralyzed Surgeon Learns To Operate Again Thanks To Engineering

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After a blood-filled cyst in his spine burst in 2010 leaving him paralyzed from the waist down, Dr. Ted Rummel thought his career as an Orthopedic surgeon was over.

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But through hard work and dedication, he is back and continues to operate on his patients today, using a stand-up wheelchair for assistance. Dr Rummel spent a year in rehab, learning how to use his wheelchair and getting accustomed to his new method of performing surgery.

After a year of intense improvement, Dr Rummel was able to regain his life as a surgeon. He made it his mission to fight the disability and get back into fitness so he could operate again.

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Dr Rummel said in an interview, “When I’m able to do this and I can get a piece of my life back, it’s huge.” He was diagnosed with a¬†cavernous hemangioma, a blood-filled cyst, on his spine in 2009.

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But he did not let his disability take him away from helping his patients. Dr Rummel is able to operate on patient’s hands, elbows, feet and legs while in a sitting position and can operate on shoulders in the standing position with his wheelchair. His story is truly inspiring.


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