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Paralyzed Kitten Runs And Plays For The First Time Thanks To A Mini Wheelchair Made From K’Nex Kit

K'Nex Parts Help Paralyzed Kitten Run And Play For The First Time_Image 5

Prepare yourself for an overdose of cuteness. A veterinarian has posted an adorable video of a lovely and endearing ginger cat, speeding along on a makeshift wheelchair, made out of the old K’Nex parts.

The abandoned litter of puppies was brought to the pet home where this kitten was dubbed Mac. The name comes from the box of Mac and Cheese in which the kitten was discovered. The rest of the litter was adopted, except for Mac who is paralyzed waist down. The doctors attribute his paralysis to some nerve damage.


Image Source: Facebook/Massapequa Pet Vet


The team at Massapequa Pet Vet fashioned a wheelchair using the old parts from K’Nex. The video shows the kitten as he is put for the first time into a wheelchair, and he just takes off!



Doctors have reported that there is an indication of feeling in his hind legs which implies that the wheelchair will be a brief therapy till he regains the complete use of his hind legs.

The cute, little kitten whiles away his time at Pet Vet chasing virtual mice on an iPad (did you think you are the only one who enjoys games, huh?).

Mac is also undergoing regular therapy including swimming sessions.


Image Source: Facebook/Massapequa Pet Vet


One of the doctors at Pet Vet has provided the foster home for Mac as he goes through the treatment. The doctors are excited for the future of Mac and hope to find him a lovely home.


Image Source: Facebook/Massapequa Pet Vet


“Meet Mac….the newest addition to the Pet Vet family. He was brought to us by a Good Samaritan who found him on the streets, abandoned by mom, unable to walk. He does have feeling in his hind end which is a good sign and we hope to rehabilitate, treat and eventually find him a good home. Some of our very dedicated technicians went digging through old toys they had and made him a make-shift wheelchair that allows him to finally run. We love this little guy and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.”

Some of the sources on the internet have attributed the wheelchair to be a Lego contraption; however, the parts for the wheelchair for Mac come from K’Nex.


Image Source: Facebook/Massapequa Pet Vet


Meanwhile, Mac has transformed into quite a media celebrity with his adorable videos.

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