Google Unveils Paper Signals – Origami Objects That Can Show Real World Data

Origami is a tradition that dates back to so long as we can remember. The reason that it has survived the sands of time unlike so many other things is that it is so simple. The tech giants of today are constantly trying to come up with new ways to instill the spirit of the past into newer technologies. Google might be onto something, as it introduces voice controlled Origami known as paper signals.

(Source: 9to5Google)

The paper sculptures have the ability to visualize information through voice commands. You will need some components that you won’t probably find lying around your house. These include:

  • A Micro servo¬†for power generation.
  • An Adafruit Feather Huzzah, which is a tiny thin WiFi microcontroller that features battery charging and built-in USB.
  • A MicroB 91 cm USB cable.
  • 20 91cm premium female/male extension jumper wires.

    (Source: Interesting Engineering)

After assembling these items together, you can print the template and then begin with the voice instructions. The interactiveness of paper signals is what attracts the people to it, and Google has made it sure to include a number of different templates for the different kinds of people.

There is a countdown timer that can countdown to anything you ask it to. There is one shaped like an umbrella that tells you the weather. There is another one that informs you every time there is a rocket launch. Bitcoin is the talk of these days and Google has designed one that informs you every time the price of bitcoin goes up and whenever it comes down.

(Source: Adafruit)

You can make any of these paper signals right at home and if you know a little bit of programming, you can download the open source code and make a few adjustments to make one of your own. You can watch all the paper signals in action in the video below.

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