Watch How This Guy Uses A Circle Of Paper To Cut Wood, Acrylic And Even Plastic

paper cut wood

Poor scissors have no chance against this paper in a game of Rock Paper Scissors! This surely is one of the most baffling videos you’ll find out there.

Can a mere circle of paper attached with a high-speed drill cut through obviously harder materials like wood, acrylic, and plastic?

Apparently, it can!

This actually is the work of the centrifugal force (which of course is an illusion of reaction to the centripetal force). When the paper is cut in a circle, it is limp and unable to cut through anything. But once it is being spun at 16,000 rpm on a drill, the centrifugal force pushes the paper particles outwards, causing the edges to become stiff enough to cut through harder materials.

This is somewhat similar to what we see in grass cutters, whose blades are limp when they are turned off. But the same blades rip through the grass blades when they are being rotated at high speeds.

But this just leads to more questions, such as can it cut through steel beams? Just imagine someone cuts off his limb just because of a paper cut! Ouch!

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