Panasonic’s New TV Has A Transparent Screen And Looks Straight Out Of Future

Panasonic Unveiled A Transparent TV At CES 2016

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2016 is an event that is a sensation for every person who has a love for technologies. Panasonic stole the show this year with a widescreen television that features a transparent display.

The video that showed off the new TV urged the viewers for imagining how it would feel to have a gadget that featured a see-through display capable of not only moving but also providing entertainment as well. During the demonstration that took place at CES, a presenter showed the TV screen is capable of moving up and down between storage shelves while displaying TV programs, music, weather, unique user-generated pictures and news among many other options.Panasonic Unveiled A Transparent TV At CES 2016 2

The television’s best feature is its ability to go transparent and thus allowing to display objects that have been placed behind the screen. The end result? Users can show off the TV and the physical objects that are part of décor as well. The television is motion-controlled and users can control it by gesturing at the screen.

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