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Panasonic’s New “Invisible TV” Becomes Transparent When It Is Turned Off

It seemed as though the world of television technology has finally come to a steady pace after an uncontrollable boom and groundbreaking innovations coming every day. But we were wrong in our assumptions, as Panasonic has introduced a technology that no one has ever heard of before – how surprising! The race of making the television thinner and thinner has been certainly intriguing, but how about making your television disappear altogether?

Image Credit: Panasonic

Panasonic has amazingly done just that, and their technology was revealed at the CEATEC electronics expo in Japan this week. The astonishing television is just like a normal, high definition television when switched on, but it is as transparent as glass when switched off, meaning you can mistake it for a wall or cutlery shelve!

The concept is being termed as the “future of display screens”, and the technology behind the sensational television has been declared as a company secret.

Image Credit: Panasonic

A blogger Mat Smith speculates that the screen is most probably made from a fine mesh embedded in a glass panel. The result is a new concept model which can bring out a brighter, clearer image, and is also easily adjustable in terms of height or location of the television.


The secret behind the invisibility of the television could be the use of the latest OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology. In OLED, each pixel lights up itself rather than being lit from an external source.

Image Credit: Panasonic

OLED panels usually consist of a thin layer of plastic sandwiching two electrodes on top of a glass slab. Thus, the electrodes light up when an electrical signal is given, and portrays the feeling of being virtually transparent when the signals disappear. This technology is also very energy efficient, making it a perfect choice for every tech firm. Eventually, the companies are hoping to develop flexible OLED screens, making them more versatile and handy than ever before.

Image Credit: Panasonic

Unfortunately, according to the company representatives, the television will not be up for sale for at least a couple of more years, as they look to further refine the concept.

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