This Panasonic Device Can Count The Calories On Your Plate

Life is sometimes a horrible mess. It becomes a bigger mess when you have a health problem that does not allow you to eat as much as you like whenever you want. Diabetes, obesity, or just the love for keeping yourself healthy and fit may lead you to keep a check on the tiniest morsel of food that gets into your mouth. Our smartphones have apps with calorie and nutritional calculators, but are they accurate?

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Panasonic has developed a revolutionary device called CaloRieco that analyzes the food and gives you a detailed and accurate calorie information within seconds. If you are diabetic or suffering from another illness that requires proper diet, you need to have an accurate measure of the food’s contents that you are consuming. A calorie calculator can give you a general idea of how much calories a burger or a sandwich has. However, it can not tell you the exact number of calories at the restaurant or the fast food joint that you often like to eat at. The Panasonic CaloRieco is different as it gives you the precise information about your food.

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The CEATEC 2017 tech show held this August featured the CaloRieco, a high-tech food analyzer that uses light reflection technology to determine the nutritional content of the food on your plate for giving you a calorie estimate. You have to place your food in the box-shaped device, and the CaloRieco will pop out the details in 10 to 20 seconds. Panasonic says that the device recognizes a wide variety of food, but that does not include soups and dishes that are very dark. It displays the calorie count and the nutritional content on the LED display.

Image: Panasonic

You can connect CaloRieco to your smartphone via an app that communicates all the data of every food analyzed by your device. You will have the handy information at all times. The purpose of the device is to make life easy for diabetes patients and dieters. Undoubtedly, there is a huge number of them in most parts of the world.

Don’t begin to look for buying information already because the device presented at CEATEC is just a prototype. It will take another few years before it gets to the market. We have no idea how heavy this high-tech device is going to be on our pockets. So hold your horses and wait until the next update comes out.

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