Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Short Of FDA Approval Before Mass Vaccinating The World


The Covid-19 vaccine candidate manufactured by Oxford is soon going to be rolled out in the U.S. As per the latest blog post published on Oxford’s official website, their produced vaccine has shown more than 70 percent results based on a large trial.

The other two main candidates of the coronavirus vaccine, i-e, Pfizer, and Moderna, have shown 90 percent effectiveness. However, the Oxford-produced vaccine is reportedly said to be much cheaper, and it would be easy to store it at refrigerated temperatures.

Oxford Produced Vaccine Shows 70 Percent Effectiveness

The researchers believe that Oxford produced coronavirus vaccine results might go up to 90 percent if point-of-care health care professionals adjust its dosage to the right amount. It means that the Oxford vaccine will be of key importance in preventing the wide-spread of Covid-19 if all the relevant factors are accounted for.

UK Prime Minister Says Latest Results Are Exciting

The architect of the Oxford vaccine, Professor Sarah Gilbert, was also much positive about the latest results and said today’s announcement had taken us a step forward to bring an end to the devastation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Oxford vaccine has around 100 million pre-orders, including U.K’s government orders from what is known until now. And AstraZeneca has announced producing another 3 billion doses by next year to cater to the whole world’s population.

While marking the latest results as “Incredibly exciting,” U.K’ s Prime Minister Boris Johnson showed positive intent. He said these are fantastic results but still need necessary safety checks to roll out for the human population’s major parts.

More In Effectiveness

Oxford researchers said their produced vaccine has more than 70 percent results and is more effective than the seasonal flu shot. Producing such a vaccine in a span of 10 months is something really remarkable. It’s the most practical example of technological advancements in the field of medicine.

Trial Lead Investigator, Professor Andrew Pollard looked really pleased with the results while he said that we have a successful vaccine for the world. Pollard also stated some change in the corona-virus spread as he believes the data from the latest trials have also shown a significant drop in asymptomatic patients.

The Oxford vaccine is in the mass production stage, and they have produced 4 million doses already. However, they still require approval and quality check from regulatory authorities before it gets available in the market.

It has been made clear from the authorities that the elderly and health workers will be prioritized first to receive any of the vaccines in the U.K and then further to the rest of the nation’s population.

Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Soon To Be Trialed In The U.S

Astra trial based in the U.S has roughly injected 10,500 individuals with both first and second trial doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccine. And its head of Biopharma research said they would begin the half dose and full dose protocol of the Oxford vaccine in the U.S shortly. They mentioned sharing the latest data with the FDA would be the first step, followed by other necessary permissions to start the U.S trials.

Advancements to develop a vaccine to end the world-wide crisis came faster than expected by many healthcare professionals. The Oxford vaccine injects the recipients with a blueprint of the coronavirus, which resembles the spike protein that has been classified as dangerous to humans previously. However, designing and producing a safe vaccine with such content is impressive work.


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