Origin Hybrid Mattress Review

The importance of a good night’s sleep can’t be overstated and the quality of your mattress is among the factors that affect your sleep the most. Mattresses have been around for centuries in one form or the other. However, we can trace the beginnings of modern mattresses to the mid-19th century. The mattresses we know now are truly an epitome of comfort and luxury and are no less than what they say, “bed of roses”.

In today’s piece, we are going to review a mattress that has received a lot of critical acclaim since the short time it has been around, Origin Hybrid Mattress. We will go over the features that make it stand out and will look for points where it potentially does not score that well. So, let’s get started.

Origin Hybrid Mattress Overview

Materials: Natural latex, cooling gel memory foam, and pocketed springs

Firmness: 6.2/10

Trial period: 20 nights 

warranty: 15 years

Price range: £589 to £1,029

Origin makes a variety of related products including mattresses, toppers, blankets, and pillows. They are rapidly becoming a popular bed-in-a-box company. Because of Origin Hybrid’s multifaceted construction, it caters to the preferences of a variety of sleepers. Below are our picks for whom Origin Hybrid is a great match and also the ones who should probably continue their search for their preferred mattress.

Origin Hybrid Mattress is Best for

  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • People who are hot sleepers and need a cooling mattress
  • Couples
  • Heavy individuals
  • People looking for a quality affordable option (£919 for the king-sized mattress)

Origin Hybrid Mattress is Not the Best Option for:

  • Side sleepers under 50 kg of weight
  • People with an acute back or neck problem

Origin Hybrid Mattress Firmness and Feel

Your search for the next mattress should always start by checking the firmness and feel of the mattress. These two factors basically determine whether a certain mattress will suit your sleep positions and other preferences.

Origin rates this mattress’s firmness at 6.2/10 and this falls in the medium-firm category. At this firmness, when you lie down, its top natural latex layer and memory foam layer give in a bit. This little sink provides great pressure relief for back and stomach sleepers. To avoid too much sinkage, the MicroPrecision springs come to the rescue and provide that stocky support and a sturdy cushion.

This fine balance between sinkage and support makes Origin Hybrid a great choice for most sleepers. However, people who side-sleep and weigh under 50 kg might feel a pressure buildup, but it still is not terribly uncomfortable.

When it comes to the feel of this mattress, you will find it bouncy and responsive. This is because of its high-quality individually wrapped springs and multi-layer construction. 

It must be noted that firmness, feel and comfort are subjective, and regardless of people’s favourite sleep position, they may simply prefer a softer or firmer mattress.

Origin Hybrid Mattress Construction

What we like about Origin Hybrid Mattresses is that they are honest about the materials and construction. Mattresses are manufactured from premium materials imported from Germany (75%), Malaysia (20%),  and Japan (5%). Like, 

  • Natural Latex with zero motion transfer and traps less heat to help you sleep calmly no matter the outer disturbances.
  • Below the natural latex, there is memory foam with cooling gel. This feature lets you experience the utmost softness and plush. You will love the Edgeguard design, an advanced technology that takes the form of your body when you lay on it. 
  • The third layer has reflex support foam, which holds your body weight quickly.
  • Spring systems used in these mattresses are “Vanadium Calico Encased Pocket Springs,” which offer good spinal support and are well-made as well.
  • Its lower height makes it ideal for most people since these mattresses are generally on a raised bed. 

The upper-most layer of this mattress, the cover, is made of Tencel fabric. The material used in Origin Hybrid Mattresses is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, hence serving people with sensitivity to allergens. 

The Tencel fabric is a fine material and has a flat feel to it. It doesn’t have any grip, but the cover is a high-quality solid foam wrapped. This fabric is added with a cooling gel, so the mattress’s temperature remains chill to the touch. It also puts a stop to sweat pools on your mattress when you sleep.

Comfort & Support

Origin Sleep mattress provides great value for your money. It offers moderate solidness that is engaging to most people’s comfort level. The hybrid design, which has memory foam and latex layers on top of a pocket spring layer, gives a desirable comfort balance. This design ensures that you get sufficient spring support and don’t go too far down, which is a pure memory foam bed neutralized.

No Motion Transfer: 

The layer of natural latex and vanadium steel pocket springs on these mattresses do a good job of detaching motion. This quality ensures a peaceful sleep even if your partner is wandering around on the bed. Latex can also provide a more solid sleeping surface than sleeping directly on a memory foam mattress. It also doesn’t pass heat, so the mattress stays chill.

Weight and Thickness

The Origin mattresses come in 5 different sizes, each weighing differently. The table below shows the specifications of each mattress size.

Single90 x 190 x 25.4 CM£589
Small double 120 x 190 x 25.4 CM£789
Double135 x 190 x 25.4 CM£809
King150 x 200 x 25.4£919
Super king180 x 200 x 25.4 CM £1,029 

Trial Period and Guarantee

  • There is an exceptional 15-year warranty on the origin mattresses so that you can rest secure of their high quality.
  • You get a 200-night trial period so that if your mattress purchase doesn’t seem suitable to you, you can return it to the store.
  • There is a full refund for any item returns made within the mentioned days without any cost to you.


The Origin mattress is a great investment and has exceptional value for your money because of the user-friendly support and thermoregulation. With its solidness, yet soft layers of memory foam and pocket springs, it gives you the comfort of a great doze while also providing your body heat.

Because of the advanced construction of this mattress, it helps your body relax as well as relieve pressure. It works great for muscle soreness, joint pains, lower back and neck pains.You get first-class customer support with a free 120-day trial period at such a reasonable price range.

You even get a 15-year warranty for a REACH-certified mattress which is appropriate for its money.

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