Oppo Has Revealed A New Invisible Camera Prototype For Phones


There’s just something about seeing an edge-to-edge screen display on a smartphone without the camera hole in the way to ruin that perfection…

In recent years, front-facing cameras have gone from the good ol’ fashioned bezel set-up to notches to a mere punch-hole design and even pop-up cameras to minimize the existence of the camera lens as it were a sin. People, and companies, are still not happy with the designs and for that reason, more research and study has been going into making the camera lens disappear beneath the screen completely.

The idea of an under-screen camera is still new and faces many challenges. Last year, China’s ZTE company launched the Azon 20 5G, the first-ever smartphone to feature the under-screen camera. Since then Oppo has been in the race; experimenting with different options to not compromise on the screen or image quality. Seems like they finally had a breakthrough and have just revealed their latest prototype that “delivers the perfect balance between screen and camera quality.”

Oppo’s latest prototype reduces the size of each pixel while keeping the pixel count the same. It also uses a 1:1 setup on its screen technology which helps to improve the display accuracy, brightness, and color. Many different algorithms have also been designed to counter the problems faced by placing a camera lens under the screen by reducing blur and ensuring there are no light diffraction issues. Oppo knows that people just don’t believe in wordings nowadays and has also released a sample image taken with the under-screen camera so people can judge the end result themselves.

While Oppo has not made any announcement regarding the commercial release of this product, it seems like they’re trying to perfect the technology and give the customers the best product in the market.    


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