Operational Efficiency In Manufacturing: How Machine Learning Is Leading The Way

machine learning robot

The constant goal for manufacturing industries across the globe is to reduce costs, produce more and deliver higher-quality products to their clients. Historically speaking, this has not always been easy for manufacturers to accomplish. 

However, with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, a “smart manufacturing” revolution has begun. Driving this revolution are a host of industrial artificial intelligence technologies that are helping companies cut costs and lower risks for production line employees. 

Making the switch to a machine-based production system can be intimidating, especially during tough economic times. Employing the services of a global manufacturing consultancy agency is a great idea if you are thinking of making the switch. 

But what exactly is machine learning? And how is it helping manufacturing? And where should you start when upgrading your production lines to meet the demands of modern clients? 

Machine learning is simply actionable intelligence about your business from a wide range of automated data sources. This date can then inform where to use things like AI to boost your productivity and save your business money in the long run.

In 2021, machine learning looks set to improve manufacturing even more. If you want to use machine learning to improve your business operations, keep your eye on the following machine learning advancements this year. 

Analysing machine maintenance needs

By embedding pre-programmed sensors in your machinery, you can track when vital maintenance needs to happen or even stop a fault becoming an issue. As every manufacturer knows, having a machine out of service for maintenance can cripple a production line. 

By using data to analyse your maintenance needs, you could save a lot of time and money for your business. 

Making the workplace safer

Under health and safety regulations, manufacturers have a duty of care to keep their employees safe. Safe environments have been proven to boost worker productivity, morale and lower staff turnover rates. 

Machine learning can monitor the safety of equipment being used, monitor personal protective equipment use on the factory floor, and report ways to improve the overall safety of your business. 

Adjusting and optimising logistics

With changes to border regulations and tariffs in 2021 and the increase in global production lines, machine learning can be used to analyse your logistics data and suggest improvements that could boost productivity and save you cash. 

By analysing variables in your logistical operations, machine learning can help allocate how much extra time bad weather or customs queues might cost you. 

Whether you already use machine learning in your manufacturing business or want to future-proof your systems, 2021 is the year to embrace it and boost your profits too.

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