OpenAI Is Launching Its Own App Store For Chatbots

The premier artificial intelligence research center, OpenAI, has presented its newest project: the GPT shop, a ground-breaking app shop for personalized ChatGPT versions, or “GPTs.” This cutting-edge platform presents a plethora of chatbots created by OpenAI’s partners and independent developers, meeting a range of purposes from requesting help with household tasks to negotiating pay offers.

One notable addition to the GPT Store is “The Negotiator,” a chatbot leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT to coach users in advocating for themselves during critical conversations, be it with their boss or a used-car dealer. This application showcases the versatility of GPTs, making them invaluable tools for various scenarios.

Similar to popular app marketplaces like Apple’s App Store, the GPT Store allows users to browse through trending or popular GPTs on the community leaderboard. Subscribers to OpenAI’s paid tiers, starting at $20 a month, gain access to the GPT Store through the web interface of ChatGPT. This marketplace facilitates the monetization of GPTs through a builder revenue program, where creators can earn based on user engagement. Although specific details about the compensation structure are yet to be disclosed, OpenAI aims to empower creators to capitalize on their creations.

An intriguing aspect of the GPT Store is its accessibility to non-coders. OpenAI emphasizes that anyone can easily build their own GPT without the need for coding skills. The GPTs developed can be tailored for private or public use, fostering a diverse range of applications.

The community has welcomed the GPT Store concept with enthusiasm ever since it was announced during OpenAI’s Dev Day in November. Over 3 million GPTs have already been generated by users, demonstrating the platform’s broad acceptance and potential effect.

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, sees the GPT Store as a carefully selected marketplace that offers the greatest and most well-liked GPTs. The GPT Store is set to transform the AI application market with its introduction, giving everyone access to sophisticated conversational agents and empowering both users and developers.

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