OpenAI Gave Artists Access To Its Sora Tool – And The Videos They Made Are Crazy

Here are the latest videos showcasing the potential of OpenAI’s Sora, the text-to-speech AI tool, created by external artists and content creators. Previously, only in-house clips provided a glimpse of Sora’s capabilities, but now, these externally produced videos offer a broader perspective.

Despite their impressive quality, they have sparked controversy, with a former Stability AI executive accusing OpenAI of “artistwashing.” However, OpenAI is actively engaging with Hollywood, pitching Sora as a valuable asset for feature-length productions.

Bloomberg reported on these meetings, indicating the tool’s potential impact on the entertainment industry. From whimsical scenarios like flying pigs to surreal imagery such as a man with a balloon for a head, these videos showcase the creative possibilities enabled by Sora.

A short film called “Air Head”

“Air Head” was produced by shy kids, a three-person multimedia agency based in Toronto. Walter Woodman, the short film’s director, said that Sora is exciting for “its ability to make things that are totally surreal.”

Cityscapes and floating cars from a creative agency

Native Foreign, an AI-driven creative agency, commissioned a video spanning everything from black-and-white film noir to a psychedelic mushroom city. Nik Kleverov, Native Foreign’s cofounder and chief creative officer, said on the agency’s website that Sora was helping them to explore concepts that had previously been shelved due to budgetary and resource constraints.

Trash-man and Disco-man

Paul Trillo produced an adrenaline-hopped thrill ride through city streets and bookstore shelves, with cutaways to humanoid figures apparently made out of discarded trash and disco ball facets. Trillo, a filmmaker who has been recognized by Vimeo, told OpenAI that Sora is best used in “bringing to life new and impossible ideas we would have otherwise never had the opportunity to see.”

August Kamp, Artist/Musician

A musician and artist, August Kamp’s techno-infused video is a rapid succession of computer screens and strange settings, set to her own music. Kamp described the “cinematic visuals” offered by Sora as opening up “categorically new lanes of artistry.”

An underwater fashion show

Josephine Miller, cofounder and creative director of Oraar Studio, commissioned this exercise in “digital fashion.” Oraar is a London-based extended reality firm that creates interactive games and social media filters. Miller said working with Sora has challenged her creative process, due to “the ability to rapidly conceptualize at such a high level of quality.”

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