OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Says He’s A ‘Little Bit Scared’ Of AI

OpenAI has been making waves in the AI industry, particularly with the release of its AI chatbot software, ChatGPT, at the end of 2022. The success of the software has led to Microsoft and Google also ramping up their own AI efforts. However, as AI technology becomes more widespread, concerns about its potential power and influence have also grown.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman shares these concerns and admits to having worries about the future of AI technology. However, in an interview with ABC News, Altman explains that he believes people should be aware of the potential risks that AI technology could bring. “I think people should be happy that we are a little bit scared of this,” he says.

One of Altman’s main concerns is the potential use of AI technology to manipulate the masses, particularly in politics. “I’m particularly worried that these models could be used for large-scale disinformation,” he explains. “Now that they’re getting better at writing computer code, [AI software] could be used for offensive cyberattacks.”

Altman also references a statement from Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who said that the leader of AI technology “will be the ruler of the world.” Altman finds this statement “chilling” and hopes that AI will be used to improve human existence rather than becoming a tool for domination.

With Altman expressing his own worries about the future of AI technology, it remains to be seen what steps OpenAI will take to prevent any potential negative consequences. The recent release of GPT-4, the latest iteration of their AI chatbot, shows that the company is still actively developing new technology, but it is clear that they are aware of the potential risks and are taking steps to address them.

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