OnePlus’ ‘Foldable Phone’ Turns Out To Be Something Quite Different – And Anticlimactic

A timed teaser or just a coincidence?

OnePlus just posted a very vague teaser for what seems to be a foldable phone from the company and it came out just as Samsung revealed the launch of its foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 3. It seems like OnePlus is trying to troll Samsung and divert the attention towards themselves by hinting at a foldable phone but Samsung has got all eyes on them right now as they have just announced the launch of not one but two foldable phones.  

The suspicious teaser posted on OnePlus’s USA Instagram page showed a foldable phone which seemed like it was made up of two separate screens and not one flexible display which is a concept followed in Microsoft’s Surface Duo or the optional dual-screen mod in the LG G8X ThinQ. The teaser ended with today’s date i.e 08.11.21 which had fans excited and looking forward to the big reveal.

While people were still speculating whether it would just be a concept phone from OnePlus or an actual product in the market soon, OnePlus finally broke the silence and decided to end people’s misery. The moment everyone had been waiting for…. *drum rolls*

OnePlus finally announced that it was giving 50% OFF on the OnePlus 9! Yes, there you have it. All that mystery around a foldable phone was just a marketing tactic by the team to create enough hype to get people hooked and then finally break the actual news. While most people were really disappointed by the news, many people were still happy with the tempting discount offer and are already buying their OnePlus 9 because “two is better than one”, according to OnePlus. Who knows? There still might be a foldable phone from the company in the future.

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