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Omnidots North America Expands Relationship With Wang Technology Through Large-Scale Sale of All-in-One Vibration Monitors

Omnidots North America, the reliable regional sales partner of the Omnidots vibration monitoring solution, received a large-scale order for 550 vibration monitors from the company’s existing customer Wang Technology. As the leading geotechnical and structural instrumentation firm, Wang Technology will use innovative, state-of-the-art devices for the company’s various projects, such as the NJ Transit – Portal North Bridge, the MTA – Penn Station Access Project and the JFK New Terminal One

“We are very proud and excited about this opportunity,” said Margreet Rozema, president of Omnidots North America. “We are thankful for the chance to take the next step in our partnership with such a well-established, industry-leading firm. Their willingness to share their extensive knowledge and expertise helps us adapt to the market’s needs even better.” 

The relationship between Omnidots and Wang Technology began in 2018 when Wang Technology tried out the Omnidots vibration monitoring solution to discover what the technology had to offer. Bryan Hom, systems manager and R&D head at Wang Technology, says the company embraced working with Omnidots because the product cut down on installation and maintenance time in the office and in the field, while still providing the most accurate data for the firm’s clients. 

“The most important part of any relationship with a manufacturer is the service they provide,” said Yee Huang, president of Wang Technology. “Omnidots has listened to our needs and has always been there to resolve any issues discovered along the way. In addition, Omnidots products have proven more reliable than competitive products. I would highly recommend Omnidots.” 

To learn more about Omnidots’ products and how they make monitoring effortless and efficient, visit the Omnidots website at or contact a North American representative at 


About Omnidots North America

Omnidots North America transforms the industry throughout the United States and Canada, enabling its clients to perform remote construction monitoring in the easiest and most efficient way by offering Omnidots products. With a sincere interest in each customer’s challenges and needs, Omnidots North America delivers industry-leading service and unparalleled reliability. 

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About Wang Technology

Wang Technology is the leading geotechnical and structural instrumentation firm in its area. With offices in New Jersey and California, Wang Technology serves various regions throughout the continental United States. The firm has performed extensive instrumentation and monitoring work on virtually all of the large-scale public infrastructure projects in the New York Metropolitan area, this includes projects like the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, East Side Access projects, the Second Avenue Subway projects, the Central Subway tunnelling projects and Fulton Street Transit Center. After more than 30 years, Wang Technology is still growing each week with new prestigious projects being awarded to the firm. 



Margreet Rozema, President of Omnidots North America, and Yee Huang, President of Wang Technology.

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