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Olympic Tennis Final Was Held With A Green Screen At Background. The Internet Took Advantage Of It

Two days ago, Britain’s Andy Murray faced Argentina’s Juan Martin Del Potro in four-hour marathon tennis final at the Rio Olympics. Another highlight of the final was that the tennis court appeared as if it was a giant green screen. The internet noticed and had a field day replacing the court with all sorts of backgrounds.

Credits: Imgur

Nowadays, you don’t need some expensive software to edit videos and remove a specific color – particularly chromakey green – and insert any amusing background of your choice.

Underwater Tennis. Credits: Imgur


A user at imgur has created some amazing gifs for the match. You can use free versions in your PCs like the iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Or you can even use the pirated or trial version of Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. Doesn’t matter you have a lot of options.

At the top of a volcano. Credits: Imgur

As for these tennis stars, well, they seem to be playing everywhere from underwater to the top of a volcano.

Space Battle. Credits: Imgur

Or we could send them to space?

Or add the Star Wars Credit Roll? Credits: Imgur

Why don’t you give it a try? Change the backgrounds and send us links/ gifs of your creative work!

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