Odin Is A Portable New Projector That Can Project A 250″ Screen And Fits In Your Pocket


Usually a projector has to be attached with a computer in order to project something, however this all is about to change. Say hello to this new projector by the name of Odin that doesn’t require a computer. The gadget runs on Android OS and is, in all essence, a computer cum projector itself. Oh and the gadget is so small that you can carry it in your pocket!odin6

The gadget is raising funds on Kickstarter and is capable of streaming from Netflix, Hulu and can even access Dropbox and Skydrive. Let’s just dive straight away into the specs of this super awesome gadget; the LED projector side of Odin can display a 25” image from one yard away whereas the manufacturers claim that it is capable of 250” image from a distance of 10 yards. As per the Kickstarter page; ‘Odin’s optical lens is so strong, you can see the projected screen with normal indoor lighting at up to 45’ screen size, which is bigger than most flat screen TVs.’Odin3 Odin

But all that is secondary as far as we are concerned. For us the fascination lies in the fact that it doesn’t require a source to project movies and pictures. The gadget comes with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 2GB worth of RAM, 16 GB of storage and is Wi-Fi enabled. Since it has an Android OS you can very well install apps as well. The HDMI port option is still here in case you want to connect it to your laptop.Odin 4 Odin 2


Odin 5

Odin is also capable of surfing the Internet thanks to Chrome, editing your documents and can pair up with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Think of it as your Smartphone with a whooping large display that you can project! To save one unit for yourself you’ll need to pledge an amount of $499 since once it starts rolling out it will cost $845!


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